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Our Escape ROOMS

Jungle Escape

Wizard world dragon escape

Welcome you have entered into a magical game that must be completed in one hour for you to pass your wizard exam and you and your team escape. Enter into the mansion and find the magic dragon shields. Explore and find magical items, seek out the magic wands and discover what powers they possess. awaken the living portraits and mix potions in this magical adventure. This family or friends all ages event can host between two players upto ten players per session. Booking by appointment on 0435 961 243.

Aslyum Escape 

Enter into the Asylum, you have been wrongly arrested and placed into the Asylum. You hear screams of other inmates, can you find a way to escape the Asylum before you join the screams of the other inmates. Find clues find a away to escape before it is too late

Aslyum Escape