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Hervey Bays  only Escape Room

But what does that really mean? Let’s go deeper! You and your team meet in a themed room and have one hour to complete a mission and “escape” the room. That mission might be actually escaping something like a prison cell. In other cases, the “escape” is more mission-oriented, which may entail finding lost gold, launching a martian spacecraft, or completing an art heist!

Family succesfully completing our Jungle Escape Room

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Jungle Escape Room

Jungle Escape

Welcome to the jungle,. You and your team have found a mysterious game in the old mansion, drums beat in the background, you have entered into a magical game that must be completed before you escape. Is the mansion also hiding some hidden secrets? Solve the puzzles compete the game you have one hour to escape


Asylum Escape room - Man walking down Corridor.

Asylum Escape Room - Coming Late Dec 2021

asylum Escape

Enter into the Asylum, you have been wrongly arrested and placed into the Asylum. You hear screams of other inmates, can you find a way to escape the Asylum before you join the screams of the other inmates. Find clues find a away to escape before it is too late

Why Breakout the Room

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What Makes The Best Escape Games So Popular

We at Breakout the room love to immerse you into the environment from the moment you walk into the room with stunning set design, lighting, sounds and unique interactive puzzles

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Team building events

Escape rooms are a great way to work together as a team, a fun interactive experience to challenge your observation skill, problem solving and team work in a fun way

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Large group activities

Our rooms are specious and air-conditioned, with a variety of puzzles for all ages with a minimum of two players but can accommodate larger teams of upto 11 players

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